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Amsterdam will Delight Young Adults: There is Much in Store

Aashish Chugh | June 25, 2020
Amsterdam will Delight Young Adults: There is Much in Store

It is indeed an unusual time we are experiencing. COVID-19 has made the globe seem disconnected, what with travel restrictions and gloomy news emerging from most corners. But, our imaginations can always soar and we can temporarily resign ourselves to travelling – if only virtually. Even better, go ahead and plan that future trip well in advance.

One travel destination that often features on travelers wish lists is Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. It has lots to offer and is a picturesque haven for family holidays. If you’re travelling with young children, there is plenty for them to also look forward to. In most destinations, and especially in mountainous regions, you are often greeted with signs that state the altitude of that particular place. These signages make for the perfect selfie spots because they are a creative way to showcase one’s exploits.

Most places in the world are all well above sea level. Not the Netherlands though; this country is mostly below sea level and it has an elaborate system of features that keep it from being swallowed by the sea. Sharing this rather uncommon facet are also countries such as Kiribati and Tuvalu.

The Dutch are resilient

They have innovated well and Amsterdam particularly is a beautiful city. When planning your travel itinerary, you can choose to book a hotel or even a quaint rental unit that permits short duration stays. In this story, we’d like to highlight what is on offer for the young adults in our families – locales that will enable even seniors alike to learn about the rich cultural heritage of this city.

Science Centre NEMO

This is located amid the city’s Eastern Docklands. The attraction here is being able to explore science in a fun way. NEMO also offers various educational exhibitions and events like theatre performances, workshops, films and demonstrations. All of these events are interactive and they will sure engage young minds. NEMO also offers various amenities such as an outdoor cafe and a rooftop sand beach that doubles as a playground.

Artis Royal Zoo

The zoo is located in the city-centre and it is the country’s first zoo. It was established as early as 1838 and it is a place where nature and cultural heritage merge in harmony. The park is home to over 700 animal species and around 300 plant varieties. The Artis Royal Zoo is a big draw for nature enthusiasts and with its well preserved 19th century architecture, it will also inspire design aficionados. Furthermore, the zoo houses a planetarium and its Micropia Museum highlights the wonders of the microscopic world.

Madame Tussauds Museum

These now have iterations around the world. Yet, each one is unique and Amsterdam’s one is a must visit too.

Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve

This sure is a fun name to pronounce. It is essentially a goat farm, again located in the heart of the Amsterdam bos. For the bulk of urban dwelling children, this place is good opportunity to get up close with goats, chicken, cows, pigs and horses. There is organic produce also on offer such as goat milk yogurt, cheese and ice cream too.

The Amsterdam dungeon

In the imaginations of most people, dungeons are dark and dingy places and they also featured commonly in several fairy tales. The protagonist was often ‘thrown into the dungeon,’ only to make a heroic escape aided by magic spells. Well, the Amsterdam dungeon is as close as one can come to a sneak peek and experience a few dark fairy tales. More than 500 professional artistes represent characters of dark stories from the past.

Keeping children engaged while on holiday is a sure challenge but consider these locations when planning your travels to Amsterdam. We’re certain you will create many fond memories and maybe, even come away thinking that one visit was much too short to explore this magnificent city.

Aashish Chugh

Aashish completed his graduation in journalism and mass communication. He is the founder of two companies – one is Creative Sources and the other is Indian Political Consultancy.

Although Aashish is a political consultant by profession, he is also an avid traveller and writer. Do take a look at his website to know more about him.

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