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Amon – Ra

Saagri Gupta | June 24, 2021
Amon – Ra

This piece of abstract art has been customised for a client who wanted to personalise his sun sign.

Size: 11” x 16”.

Medium: Acrylic, penwork and textures on canvas board with detailing of mandala and Zen tangles

Price: INR5000

Saagri Gupta

Saagri is a freelance artist based in Siliguri. Ironically, she was dissuaded from taking up painting as a hobby by her art teacher in school who said, “You are of no good to art! It isn’t your cup of tea and I cannot teach you!”


Saagri then chose to shift to her second field of interest and embarked on a journey to enhance her repertoire as a hotelier. She worked with ITC Hotels for about six years, reaching great heights. It was in late 2020, while on a sabbatical from work, that she came back home to Siliguri and picked up on her art, right from where she’d left! She started sketching basic cartoons and taught herself new forms of art by watching YouTube tutorials.


Saagri now takes orders for customised pieces both within India and abroad and has recently shipped two of her art pieces to the US. With her confidence boosted, she launched her studio called @thatcrookedstroke and is looking forward to making it into a successful venture.

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Shefali Gupta
Shefali Gupta
2 years ago

Great work! And a greater platform ELBYTE to showcase your talent!!

2 years ago

Amazing!! Thoroughly intrigued by the intricate work… not everyone can attempt this 👍👍👍 congratulations 🥳

Abhishek Mody
Abhishek Mody
2 years ago

Kudos.. This is amazing Saagri!!

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