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A Sneak Peek of A Sunday Routine

Devi Choudhury | November 27, 2021

A little over-indulgence in romance on Sundays is not sinful, no matter how old you are.

A Sneak Peek of A Sunday Routine

Sundays for me are reserved for romantic escapades. Laced in love, from early morning till late at night, every act carries an element of togetherness. Waking up before daybreak on Sundays makes the day longer by an hour or two. And this gives us that much more time to spend in each other’s company.

Morning walks set the tone of the day

In a world, full of ‘tea time’ couples, there are some who are ‘tree time’ couples. They aren’t boring. They are engrossed in their own world of enjoyment. While on their morning walks, they love exploring shrubs, trees and plants.

Boughs bowing to the ground, laden with blooming buds in myriad colours, fill them with unending romance.

A red sandalwood tree on the way is a delight. Shiny red seeds, locally known as ‘love seeds’ for their shape, lie scattered all around. Filling my pockets with these seeds is an added pleasure. This act keeps the child in every adult invigoratingly alive; one wouldn’t know if not done!

Watering plants, snipping dried twigs, sowing seeds and watching them sprout are facets to veiled romanticism, if experienced together. Breaking chunks of soil, mixing it with cow dung, slapping the rounds on empty spaces on the wall, leaving them to dry in the sun – all of these acts are so much more fun than simply tedious labour.

Of lunches and long drives 

A short argument to decide on the menu for lunch, and a light banter during the process of cooking, are ritualistic norms on Sundays. Without them, the day seems a waste.

The thought of taking a siesta never occurs. Why waste precious moments? Instead, a movie after lunch is the perfect fit. Not only does it add to the Sunday excitement but also aids in digestion, a much needed affair following an elaborate Sunday lunch.

As evening draws near, an aimless drive, without worry or care, enhances the essence of togetherness. Returning to the humble cove of comfort enlivens hearts that never ask for space.

And once dinner is through, another movie or a web series awaits. The whole of Sunday wraps up in sound sleep, oblivious to worldly cares.

A little over-indulgence in romance on Sundays is not sinful, no matter how old you are. The rest of the week is in any case spent at work, leaving hardly any time for leisure. Doing the simple things and being together is what keeps the body, mind and emotions fully charged during the week.

Until next Sunday.

Devi Choudhury

Devi has been teaching English and Economics for the past 25 years in various schools across Maharashtra and Kolkata. She is now Kolkata based. In her free time, she loves writing short stories and poems.

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2 years ago

So beautifully articulated. Devi express it so well.

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