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A Red-Whiskered Bulbul’s Nest

Gurbani Kaur Saluja | May 13, 2021
A Red-Whiskered Bulbul’s Nest

It’s that time of the year! The breeding season has begun and our garden is full of these pretty hidden homes. Bulbuls lay two to three eggs at a time and the hatching period is about 12-14 days. A week has gone by and a week later I will get to hear the chirping of the little ones!

The nesting activity always gets me excited. Every year I feel like a proud mama when these beautiful birds choose my home and garden for all of us to co-exist in harmony. What a privilege it is to share our space with them, watch them tirelessly go back and forth feeding their precious little ones and then see them finally grow and take a-flight.

In case you too get lucky, please do not attempt to disturb their nest in any way. I am able to safely check on these nests after careful research and experience and do so in a way that does not disturb the rearing of the young in any way.

Gurbani Kaur Saluja

Gurbani is a farmerette at Zoetic Farms, a full-fledged functional farm, in Bilaspur, Uttarakhand. Spending time with her fur babies and taking care of “everything earth”, gives her immense joy.


Gurbani is also a recipe developer, a food photographer and a food stylist, with a passion for baking pretty things. Her blog ‘Gurbani Bakes’ is based on gorgeous desserts, other baked goodies and beautiful food photographs.She started this blog as a way to catalogue the recipes she has developed and those she was inspired by. She hopes to encourage a love for baking while retaining the fun element.

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