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A Note to Self

Uma Daga | January 21, 2021
A Note to Self

The face in the mirror was new,

A bit slimmer than what she last knew.

There was silver in the hair,

And her smile stood faded but true.


The grit in her eyes was different!

Their depth had a new meaning and hue.

Experience was writ large in them,

Anyone could see that fast and through.


What made her look this way?

She mused as she straightened her brow.

Enough of scars and life’s games,

Now it’s time to live some more!


She reached out to her head,

The crown was tilted.

She did not wonder why or how,

One small move and it was back in place, more firmly too.


The show will have to go on!

With or without this, that or them.

The days gone by have seen her overcome.

Rebuilding was an art she knew from before.


Her wholeness is far more profound,

Than what’s broken or cannot be found.

The soul has healed once more,

Old fears will not find new grounds.


The eye shine has to come back and it will.

The magic in her smile has to revive and it will.

The childlike bounce in how she strides will be back,

She has it in her to do what the Gods will.


Life’s taught her how to dig deep and deeper,

To find the sunshine in setbacks and blues.

By now she knows, rising after a fall or falling after a rise,

Are merely the ebb and flow of tides with a moon dancing through the clouds!.


What’s in the mind is in her heart,

She’ll now speak less but observe a lot.

Very few can cross her moat to peep within,

Once burned twice shy there’s nothing left to explain.


The gifts from above are for her to keep,

Bigger horizons are waiting to push her will.

It’s karma and truth that will prevail and have reigned in the past,

Lessons learned well, she stands taller in form, mind and heart.


The wee voice within has finally struck its strain.

Who can crush a rock that’s stood the tests of time with a winning smile?

The waves will come crashing again, so what?       

Grab their energy, harness them, only do what’s right.


Moving on….


The new face in the mirror will look straight into the eyes!

There are some fine lines but they’ll bring another shine.

New hope, higher goals and fonder dreams are now in flow,

And each hard scrub will only make this diamond glow!


Uma Daga

Uma is a nature lover by birth, life enthusiast by choice, and a content writer by profession. She loves to travel, mingle around, and read. She lives in Jalpaiguri – far from the maddening crowds – in the lap of nature and says, “You have to meet and spend time with me to understand why I am the way I am!”

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