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A Lonesome Walk in the Woods

October 29, 2020
A Lonesome Walk in the Woods

Even a lonely walk feels like you are surrounded,
A lonesome road feels crowded.

Only if you can turn on all your senses,
And break down all your defenses.

The woods, they speak to you, they love you,
All they need is your respect.

They want you to be a part of you,
A harmonious life, in effect.

As you walk through, see them, feel them,
I bet, you will subconsciously smile.

And keep going, no matter how far,
And you are sure to cherish every mile.



Shivpriya is a believer of extremes and says her first home is her suitcase. She is neither a night owl nor a morning person on regular days but will not miss a chance to capture the sunlight or embrace the midnight while on her frequent trips.


She loves writing poetry based on her own experiences and travels. This particular poem was written when she visited Darjeeling last year.

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