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A Gift to Treasure

Devi Choudhury | September 3, 2020
A Gift to Treasure

A gift, I received from my mother.

For me, it’s just a cotton table cover;

Worn out, faded, quite threadbare.

For her, a glorious piece of treasure.

A gift, she had received from her mother. 


Overwhelmed, while handing it over,

She caressed it with a slight tremor.

Torn at edges, patches of varied colour.

What’s its use? I looked at it and at her.

It would lie in some obscure corner.


“An heirloom, I am willing to share,”

My mother spoke in a gentle quiver.

“Stitch the torn parts here and there.

See, the threads still retain the lustre.

The sequins mother loved to embroider.”


“Is it a thing to worry about or bother?”

With a nonchalant irk, I asked her.

“Our living room would reflect glamour, 

When it was spread on the wooden altar.”

Her shining visage melted my vain air.


Did her eyes moisten with drops of tear?

Did my mirthful mother turn sombre?

The tapestry of her life, a part of her!

With trust, she parted with it forever.

I brought it home – a part of my mother.


To infuse in it life, some paint I smear.

A lining at the back to make it firmer.

Edges I stitch, with laces that glimmer.

Few dangling strings, and a velvet star,

Give the aged cloth a glossy makeover.


It portrays lives of grandma, her daughter. 

Veiled emotions in a seeming candour.

Some pain I took to give her some pleasure.

Wholesome is life in my mother’s laughter.

In that raiment, a blessed legacy I nurture. 


This piece of cloth binds past with future.

With her blessings, will my fortune prosper .

For others, it’s still an over worn cover,

For me – a rich inheritance, a reminder,

Upkeep the ties of loved ones together.

Devi Choudhury

Devi has been teaching English and Economics for the past 25 years in various schools across Maharashtra and Kolkata where she is now based. In her free time, she loves writing short stories and poems.

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3 years ago

Very well written

Supriti Chaudhuri
Supriti Chaudhuri
3 years ago

Devi, it was my grandmother’s death anniversary and my cousin organised a zoom meet for the family :daughters and granddaughters. Each of us had to bring something of hers to the meet and dress up for the occasion Dima as we called her has left a rich legacy of stories we shared and thus she stays alive as long as we shall live

3 years ago

Wow ma’am it’s actually touchy and I personally loved it… Seriously mothers are the first one to teach us

3 years ago

THIS IS SOOO GOOD MAM like, really heart touching. Thank you for sharing such an emotional writing with us.

Atreyee Dutta
Atreyee Dutta
3 years ago

Mam it was awesome …..Mam your words in the poem are fabulous my parents too liked it .

3 years ago

Too good as always…

Ashima Jairath
Ashima Jairath
3 years ago

Devi, as always a pleasure to read your poems. The emotional thread that connects to our traditions is so well brought out.

Suku Chowdhury
Suku Chowdhury
2 years ago

Very well expressed ! For others its an over worn cover
For me a rich inheritance 👏

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