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Let’s Embrace Robots, Shall We?

Ruddra Dev Roychoudhury | October 8, 2020

Ruddra Dev Roychoudhury

Ruddra was in college when he participated in his first manual robotics contest. It was an opportunity for him to create toys similar to what he would play with as a child. Later, as he competed in more contests, he realised that more advanced forms of robots could also move unassisted, as if they had a mind of their own.


There is a vast computer science field dedicated to helping computers ‘think’ for themselves called artificial intelligence (AI). Combined with robotics, AI delivers truly amazing results. For a brief while, Ruddra had to put his passion for robotics on hold since there weren’t attractive robotics-related career options in India at the time. Then in 2018, he interviewed for TCS Research and has been working with them since.

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