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2021 – A New Beginning

Devi Choudhury | January 1, 2021
2021 – A New Beginning

Why should there be an end,

When a new beginning awaits?

With a sudden, surprising twist,

And an inquisitive, intriguing bend?


Hopes aren’t those that tend,

To blur eyes with hopelessness.

Hopes are sun kissed blossoms

In plenty, all woes ready to mend.


Seasons of life change to send,

Messages of highs and lows.

Heralding merriment amid glum,

So much have past days to lend.


Obscurity, streaks of orange rend,

Ushering in dreams of reality.

When past is harbinger of present,

Will future be left far to wend?


Every beginning brings an end,

A fresh start, every end awaits-

Let bygones be bygones forever,

Let newness unfold for us to fend!

Devi Choudhury

Devi has been teaching English and Economics for the past 25 years in various schools across Maharashtra and Kolkata where she is now based. In her free time, she loves writing short stories and poems

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2 years ago

Amazing! Beautiful lines.

2 years ago


Piyali Kanabar
Piyali Kanabar
2 years ago

Definitely from a heart which beats…

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