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Tribal Woman from Kutch

Riju Nag | July 8, 2021
Tribal Woman from Kutch

Medium: Mixed media on 30cm x 30 cm cold-pressed gesso coated paper.

Primary medium: Aquarelle and soft oil pastels.

Underpainting: Water colour for the jewellery, acrylic and gesso for the background.

Highlights of skin, hair, dress: Acrylic and gouache.

Reference photograph credit: Gerard Rosenboom.


Price: INR25,000

Riju Nag

Riju is a post graduate research assistant at the University of Nizwa, Oman. He is involved in researching theoretical astrophysics and cosmology.


Painting is his passion as well as a hobby. He finds painting an ideal way to express different human emotions. Through his paintings, he would like to connect with more and more people.


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